Finding support and help: how can you help?

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Cultural Agencies, Ministries, Museums, Media Offices, DEWA, Etisalat, Du, #brandudbai, #abudhabiculturefoundation, All Private and Government Companies, for profit and non for profit, all Media outlets, print, radio or online, artists and galleries, schools and universities, all can help.

At the moment, we just need to give everyone a platform to express themselves, hopefully with messages of optimism. So we just need to spread the word that people can participate from home, and their artwork will be seen by all. Each artwork may help many in need of inspiration.

At a later stage, when we defeat COVID-19, we want to stitch all the nice artworks received and paint it on a commemorative massive wall in the UAE. Any help from Real Estate Developers, DEWA, Transport Authorities etc... to get approval on a wall will be appreciated. Any help from Government or Private companies to sponsor the painting of the Masterpiece Mural will also be necessary and appreciated.

#DEWA, #branddubai, #abudhabiculturefoundation, #Dubaicultureandartsauthority

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